Hello, my name is Jeanne Larson.

I've loved painting since I was a child.  I've learned so much from so many other artists in workshops and books so I hesitate to call myself "self taught." My usual methods of working emphasize design and fluid, moving, juicy color and it's important to me that a painting has energy, vibrance and life.  I’d like to think that my paintings are about more than a stroke-by-stroke depiction of subject and that they help the viewer connect emotionally in some way. I believe creativity is a gift from God and I hope that spirit is evident in my paintings. 

My most profound inspiration is found in the beautiful rivers and lakes of the north woods or in my garden. The process of painting is meditative and spiritual for me, but I also love the opportunity to encourage and teach other artists with whom I share this creative journey. I’ve been painting for over 30 years and teaching for 15 or more.  

Recently, I’ve been working in abstraction and collage as well as my original loosely realistic style and experimenting in other watermedia including acrylics on paper and canvas, gouache, Caran d’ache and oilsl. I enjoy the exploratory nature of working this way. It gets the artistic adrenalin moving. 

I worked at several day jobs over the years...legal secretary, university secretary, medical/dental transcriptionist, and even greenhouse helper and floral designer but I always found some way to fit art into my life as well. I found that each new work experience brought something new to my life and with the encouragement and support of my wonderful family I feel blessed to be living the dream. When my children were flown from the nest, I embarked on painting full time, took classes and was accepted into a few respected galleries. I began entering shows, won some awards and eventually rented a little studio and began teaching at local and regional art centers. I worked with interior designers in a furniture and design business and traveled to their stores in several states painting murals and background sets for their furniture displays. I also have enjoyed the opportunity to speak to many art groups and organizations about this exciting adventure of painting.  

Since building the new studio in 2005, I’ve taught classes and workshops out of my home studio but continue to travel and teach workshops as well. I’ve sold over 350 paintings to clients both in the U.S. and abroad. I’m so thrilled to be able to continue to work with several regional galleries and exhibit often in solo and group shows.